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As a companion, you might be watching the Let’s Chat DVD with a friend, a family member or someone you care for. We understand that you’ll want to help the person you are watching the Let’s Chat DVDs with to get the best from them. So here is some guidance for you so that you can enjoy chatting together.

A companion’s guide to our DVDs

To get you started:

  • Each Let’s Chat DVD lasts for about half an hour including chatting time, with conversation starters, questions and activities.
  • Throughout the DVD there will be opportunities to pause it for you to enjoy chatting together.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable place and feel ready to join in with the DVD.
  • Make sure you give the person you are watching the DVD with time to respond.
  • Don’t worry if your chat goes off in a different direction, you may learn someting new about each other!

To help someone get chatting:

  • Try reminding them of a shared experience that relates to the theme of the DVD.
  • Chat about a story that you have heard from them, or their family, that relates to what you are watching.
  • Is there a grandchild or younger person that they know who has experienced something related to the theme of the DVD? How did their experience differ from the person watching the DVD?

Encouraging prompts to continue a conversation:

When you were younger did you do/see that?

Do you or, anyone in your family, like this?

Have you, or anyone you know, seen that?

Have you ,or your family/friends, been there?

Additional tips to get the most out of our DVDs:

  • Feel free to add your own questions to help get chatting. You know the person you are watching the DVD with and there might be something that they, or someone they know, has done that’s related to what you are watching.
  • There is no rush and you can keep the DVD on pause for as long as you both need.
  • Some people may prefer not to watch the DVD all in one go and that’s ok. You can have a break and come back to it.
    • Make sure that you are watching the Let’s Chat DVD on a screen that you can easily see and hear.
    • You may wish to watch the DVD more than once. This is a lovely idea as there may be more conversations that you can enjoy.
    • Sometimes you might find a little support is needed to help a person engage. Holding their hand, or making a connection, to show you are watching the DVD with them can be helpful.
    • If a person is feeling uncomfortable, or if it is the wrong time of day for them, it’s probably best to wait for another time to watch the DVD.

    • As a companion, you know what works best with your routine. Choose a time of the day that suits you both to watch a Let’s Chat DVD.
    • As some Let’s Chat DVDs contain seasonal themes, they can be used to help orientate the watcher to the time of the year and the events that might be happening around them.

Let’s Chat testimonials

Let’s Chat is a lovely idea, simple and slow in delivery, reaching those in need of stimulation as well as those on the dementia scale.

Val Jones

Occupational Therapist

I highly recommend Let’s Chat as a resource for anyone living with memory problems or dementia. It’s an enjoyable activity, designed to be shared with a companion, to support conversation. It uses elements of reminiscence and cognitive stimulation which are known to support function and wellbeing in people living with memory difficulties. Whilst it is a well-structured activity, it can be used flexibly with opportunities to chat more around different themes and topics as they may emerge.
I would recommend Let’s Chat as an entertaining and enjoyable way to help support cognitive function.

Dr. Katherine Scott

Memory Service Consultant

Really lovely – congratulations on a great resource!

Hilary Woodhead

Executive Director of National Activity Providers Association (NAPA)

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